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L Havana - Sold

L Havana - 2012 Arabo-Friesian Filly (91% Friesian)

Meet L Havana - our first Arabo Friesian filly. We are incredibly excited venturing into a new breed this year. Lucky for us, we met Christiana Pfeiffer from The Friesian Ranch in Armstrong, B.C. and she has helped us enter the world of Friesian and Arabo Friesian horses with a beautifully bred purebred Friesian mare, Tanya v.L.

SOLD to My Amazing Friends, Wayne & Julie

L Havana is one of only two 91% Friesian / 9% Arabian fillies in all of North America. She is a rare beauty and when you watch her run & play, there is no doubt she has a degree of versatility far beyond what most people would believe. It makes her rare, it makes her unique and combined with that truly "golden" personality known to Friesians, she is going to capture the heart of anyone who meets her.