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Foaling Facility & Rates


  • Five Large Stalls including 12 x 34 Broodmare Palace
  • Radiant Hot Water Heated Floors
  • Breeder Alert Monitor (Read More Here)
  • Heavy Rubber Mats Line the Stalls
  • Individually Controlled Fluorescent Stall Lights
  • Infrared Heat
  • Night Vision Red Lighting
  • Engineered Ventilation
  • Individual GFI Protected Heated Water

Mare & Foal Services

  • Superior Mare Care
  • Clean, Healthy Foaling Environment
  • Blanketing/Grooming
  • Feed Program - Minimum 4 x Day
  • Stalls Cleaned a Minimum 3 x Day
  • Daily Turnout
  • Complete Individual Attention
  • 10+ Years Experience


  • Foaling Fee includes LIVE FOAL CAM!  This includes daily monitoring of physical signs & cameras; monitoring foal until standing, nursing, pooping and administering enema as needed; pain medication for mare as needed; tying up placenta and assuring mare is clean - any time of day or night!
  • On Call Veterinarian Dr. Sheila McDonald - or the veterinarian of your choice welcome!
  • Monitoring Rate with Breeder Alert Monitor