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Mare / Foal Checklist

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Pregnant Mare Checklist/Records - Mare: _________________________ Foaling Date: _____________

Mare's Udder Filling (2 to 6 weeks prior to foaling) ___________________(date)

Mare's Nipples Filling (4-10 days prior to foaling)_____________________(date)

Vulva/Pelvic Relaxing (up to 3 weeks prior to foaling) _________________(date)

Waxing/Milk Flow (2-4 days prior to foaling) ________________________(date)

Milk Test Strip: ______________________________________________________ (day/results)

Morning Temperature: __________________________________________________ (day/results)

First Stage Labour:_________________________________________________________________(time/comments)

(nervous, swishing tail, discomfort, laying down, sweating, urination = no more than 2-3 hours)

Second Stage Labour: _______________________________________________________________(time/comments)

(active labour, contractions increase, sweating, laying down, check fetal position, appearance of sack, foot, nose, foot, tie up placenta when mare is up = 5 - 60 minutes)

Third Stage Labour: ________________________________________________________________(time/comments)

(expulsion of placenta within 3 hours, longer than 3 hours, call vet)

Weight of Placenta:______  Placenta Intact?: ______ Comments: ________________________________________

Foal Checklist/Records - Mare: _________________________ Birthdate:__________ # Days Gestation ______

Length of Second Stage Labour:_______________ Presentation/Position Concerns:_____________________

Time umbilical broke:______Time Mare got up: ________Foal is Alert/Up on Sternum:_______Heartrate:_______

Temperature:__________ Dipped Umbilical:__________ Alert: ___________ Attempts to Stand:____________

Nursing:___________ Veterinary Exam: __________  IgG Test: ____________  Pass Meconium:___________

After Birth & Within the First 20 Minutes: Moves from laying flat to sternum position, alert & looking about, suckling reflex, possibly moving towards the front of the mare, movement of front legs, reacts to light flash

Within First 2 Hours: Standing, suckling reflex, stabilization of heart rate & respiratory normal values:

respiration less than 40 breaths/min., heart rate less than 80 beats/min, attachment to the mare, nursing

Within First 4 Hours: Nursing, moving about the stall, following mare, bright & alert.

(If not nursing within the first 4 hours, administer colostrums and call the veterinarian.)

Within the First 8 Hours: Passing meconium (may be straining), moving about stall, standing up & laying down,

nursing, following mare, urinating

Foal Alert: Watch for behavioural changes. Foal should get stronger each day. Be alert for unusual straining to defacate, nursing too frequently, lethargic/depressed, not laying down easily or not resting enough, diarhea with lethargia/depression, jaundiced appearance to eyes and gums, swelling or lameness of limbs, swelling, discharge or pain of the naval stump.